Botel Admiral history

Admirál Botel was built in the Czech dockyard as the last one of three Prague boatels. In 1971, it was anchored at the left bank of the Vltava river between the Palackého and Railway bridges. The ship body was built as a three-floor floating object of a steel construction which is connected to the municipal facility networks with own gas heating. The boatel is designed for year-round hotel use and restaurant operation. After twenty years of its existence, it was privatized in 1993. Travel agency Allvatours s.r.o. became its owner and operator; the agency is with its nature a position purely Czech company and a family firm. Admirál Botel has gradually undergone a complete reconstruction and gained back its glance and style. Now it is already 44 years from the time when the boatel became an inseparable part of specific atmosphere of the old Prague with a view of the Prague Castle, Emmauses, the National Theatre, Vyšehrad or of Prague bridges. Admirál Botel is still actively involved in the Prague tourism and provides its guests with hotel services in category ***; this is a romantic accommodation in new, standard furnished double rooms in cabins and four-bed apartments. Admirál Botel also provides restaurant services in in-style premises on the third floor offering a large range of international cuisine including a wide assortment of drinks.

The travel agency Allvatours looks forward to your visit on board of Admirál Botel and believes that during your stay in historical Prague you will appreciate the unusual romantic ambient in which our family together with the crew will do their best to make your stay in Prague and experience on board of Admirál Botel as pleasant as possible.

Vávra Otakar sen.
Company Director